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Parris Chariz


A Detroit native, on the rise with a mission to bridge the gap between faith-based platforms and mainstream music. Parris Chariz, short for charismatic, is an edgy, yet vibrant artist with a trap sound. Parris experienced numerous downfalls throughout his life but those valleys lead him to music. His debut album “Appreciation” gained the attention of tastemakers within the CHH and mainstream Hip-Hop community. From being listed on Rapzilla’s Freshman 2015 List to headlining a nationwide tour along with Ty Brasel, WHATUPRG, and landing major feature placements with Lecrae and Tedashii, Parris has made his mark within the Hip-Hop community that is unique and far from the rest. His music has encouraged his listeners to know what’s real and to be true to yourself. Parris has made his mark as a creative and will continue to make music that speaks to the soul. His upcoming album 2045 is set to bring a fresh spirit to Hip Hop. it embodies a futuristic mindset of self-reflection. What cycles haven't you conquered, what person keeps you bound? What things are you attached to?  This is for you to hear the perspective of one man, this is not the answer. this is a conversation! battling generational curses, broken relationships, a jaded mindset, are the struggles spoken of thru 16 tracks. Every decision leads too or subtracts from purpose and Parris croons through his unique journey.

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